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This laugh a minute comedy is the perfect thing to cheer up a cold October night.

It’s 1985 and the Cold War is raging on. As Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher are fighting the Evil Empire in Eastern Europe, the Russians are in Afghanistan and Cruise Missiles are at Greenham common,

Geoffrey Jones, M.P. and sometime architect, is convinced that the Russians are about to launch a nuclear strike against England. He builds a bomb shelter equipped with everything he, his wife, and his wife's old mother will need to last out such a strike.They plan to try the thing out for a three-week experiment when, inadvertently, they are trapped inside with the mother, the telephone installer and the milkman.

They try to make the best of the situation when who should enter through a side hatch but their next-door neighbours who, ever striving to keep up with the Joneses, have now kept down with them by building their own abutting shelter. By a strange set of circumstances, the neighbours are also trapped and neither neighbour wants to admit this to the other.

Keeping Down
With The Joneses

A comedy by John Chapman & Jeremy Lloyd